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Our terms and conditions

(to be considered as a written document)

Art. 1  All customer orders made imply acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Art. 2 Our prices are quoted exclusive of vat. They are subject to change at any time, without prior notice.

Art. 3 Our prices are given per delivery address. In the even that no-one is present to hand over the parcel, or if the parcel is otherwise undeliverable or wrongly addressed, the price of the transport will be billed.

Art. 4 Waiting times will be billed according to the tariffs in force.

Art. 5 Alpha S.A. shall under no circumstances be held responsible for any delay or non-fulfilment of service due to exceptional circumstances or circumstances beyond its control.

Art. 6 Invoicing is carried out at month-end and invoices are payable on receipt, except where express written permission has been given otherwise. All invoices outstanding at their due date shall be subject to annual interest charges at 12 % per annum, and shall be increased to 15 % with a minimum charge of 49,58€ for damages, without additional notice given.

Art. 7 The sender guarantees that his or her parcel conforms to the legislation in force in the relevant countries and that parcels shall be packaged so as to avoid damage of goods in transit.

Art. 8 The sender undertakes to ensure compliance with the customs and excise laws and regulations within the relevant countries. Alpha S.A. shall under no circumstances be held liable for any failure to comply with customs and excise duties or for under-valuation of goods transported.

Art. 9 Each transport agreement, even where national transport is used, shall be subject to the terms of the convention on the contract for the international carriage of goods by road (cmr)

Art. 10 Alpha n.v.’s drivers will refuse all transport of dangerous goods

Art. 11  Alpha n.v.’s drivers will refuse all transport of goods which obviously affect public morals and public order

Art. 12 To ensure delivery, Alpha s.a. reserves the right to send goods via a subcontractor. Our responsibility does not extend beyond that of the subcontracting party.

Art. 13 Alpha cannot accept any responsibility in the event of your customer’s insolvency.

Art. 14 Prior to any legal dispute you have the possibility of consulting the ombudsman for the postal sector : mail info@smpspo.be ou url http://www.smpspo.be
 in the event of any legal dispute, the courts in brussels shall be the only competent authority.

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